Holmesburg Civic Association

Executive Board Position Statement


In June 2011, the Executive Boards of the Holmesburg Civic and the Mayfair Civic Associations met to discuss the area between Sheffield and Cottman Aves east of Frankford Ave to the Delaware River, an area that has been unrepresented by a civic association for most of the past decade.  It was clear that the situation could not continue.  The option of forming a new civic association was deemed impractical due to the relatively small size of the area and the lack of cohesive and experienced leadership.  The small sample of residences from that area who attended the meeting were, when asked, generally inclined to consider themselves part of Holmesburg.   

(The Mayfair Civicís boundaries are west of Frankford Ave, south of Sheffield.  The Tacony Civic is east of Frankford Ave, south of Cottman Ave.  The Holmesburg Civicís current boundaries are north of Sheffield on both sides of Frankford Ave from the Delaware River to Pennypack Creek.)

The Executive Board of the Holmesburg Civic voted at a separate meeting a couple of nights later to expand the HCA boundaries to Cottman Ave east of Frankford Ave.  The general membership of the HCA was advised of that decision at the June 14 general meeting, the last before the summer break.

The HCA Executive Board has been revising the HCA bylaws to incorporate the new boundaries and to generally tighten up the bylaws, which have been in place since 1987.   The new bylaws will go into effect with the approval by vote of the general membership at the next meeting, September 13, 2011.

The enormous recent outpouring of concern and outrage over a proposed methadone clinic at 7900 Frankford Ave (which is within the present HCA boundaries and will remain so) that resulted in 800 people attending a joint special meeting of the Holmesburg and Mayfair Civic Associations at Lincoln High School  demonstrated very clearly the vital need for civic awareness and representation.  Many of the most proactive citizens opposing the clinic live in the currently unrepresented area a few blocks south of 7900 Frankford Ave.

The HCA Executive Board has been at the fore front in opposition to this clinic, along with the much appreciated and acknowledged might of the Mayfair Civic and Business Associations, the Mayfair CDC, and our elected officials.  It is critical that no segment of our population be without proper civic representation.  We will continue to band together to oppose those who set in motion forces that would collide with the wellbeing of our communities, our residences, and our businesses.

Executive Board
Holmesburg Civic Association
August 2011